Māori Weaving: The Art of Creating Māori Textiles

By Huia Publishers

Māori Weaving: The Art of Creating Māori Textiles


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Since their ancestors arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand and discovered the useful properties of harakeke (New Zealand flax), Māori have used flax leaves to create baskets, mats, housing materials, clothing and cords, ropes and fishing nets. In weaving and the patterns used, Māori record their histories and stories, passing on their culture, genealogy, values and beliefs, weaving together people and communities.

In this book, the text and detailed photographs show the steps in selecting, preparing and weaving flax. The origins of weaving are described, and images show the traditional and contemporary uses of weaving, the intricate patterns and the beauty of the finished products, including mats, baskets, cloaks, piupiu and art works using flax and modern fibres such as plastic, wire, ribbon and paper.

Part of a series of books produced with Te Puia, also available are the titles Geothermal Treasures: Māori Living with Heat and Steam, Marae: The Heart of Māori Culture and Māori Carving: The Art of Recording Māori History.


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  • ISBN: 9781775501923
  • Dimension: 160 x 250 mm
  • Pages: 44
  • Format: Softback
  • Language: English
  • Publication Date: 01 Jul 2015

Product Review

"The text of each book is clear, concise and easy to read. Photographs make up a large part of each book. These photographs are magnificent! The production values throughout are high...Although these are not large books, they manage to include a great deal of information. Perhaps with the others in the series they would make a fine introduction to Maori culture for many people..."Gordon Findlay - Booksellers

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About the Author

Huia Publishers

This book was either translated or put together by staff of Huia Publishers. The stories in our Huia Short Stories collections are written by various Māori authors who have been selected as finalists in the short story in Māori or English, or novel extract sections in our biennial Pikihuia Awards writing competition. Read more about Huia Publishers... Read More