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Heke-Nuku-Mai-Nga-Iwi-Busby - Not Here By Chance

Hekenukumai_Busby_draft_shd.jpgby Jeff Evans

Release: April 2015

This biography of Heke-nuku-mai-nga-iwi Busby brings together the varied life experiences that have made Hec Busby the master waka builder, waka expert, celestial navigator and highly regarded Te Rarawa elder that he is today. He is one of the few active waka taua builders and is responsible for the completion of more than a dozen of these waka for iwi around the country.

Acknowledged as the pre-eminent holder of knowledge relating to waka culture, he is frequently consulted for his expert opinion.

A real outdoorsman, Hec turned his hand to many pursuits, leading him to set up his own bridge construction business in his twenties. His entrepreneurial and leadership skills along with his tribal and tikanga knowledge have led to his involvement in iwi activities as well as in organising Waitangi commemorations, kapa haka, ocean-going voyages, and waka wānanga to pass on his knowledge to the next generation.

The Author

Jeff Evans is a writer and photographer. He has previously authored Ngā Waka o Neherā– The First Voyaging Canoes, The Discovery of Aotearoa (republished as Polynesian Navigation and the Discovery of New Zealand), Waka Taua – The Māori War Canoe, Māori Weapons in Pre-European New Zealand, and Notes on the Art of War. This is his first biography.

ISBN: 978-1-77550-169-5

RRP: $45.00