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Tikanga Maori: Living by Maori Values

by Hirini Moko Mead

Here is an authoritative and accessible introduction to tikanga Māori. It is essential reading for all who seek to understand the correct Māori ways of doing things as they were in the past, as they are in the present – and as they may yet be.

In this wide-ranging book Hirini Moko Mead explores the creative arts and interactions between older and newer social groupings such as iwi and urban Māori authorities; he develops approaches to problems such as violent crime and substance abuse; and he surveys the ways that tikanga guides relationships between people, with the Gods and the land.

He also discusses ways that tikanga Māori may help us to direct our stance towards present-day bioethical problems raised by technological advances in areas such as genetic engineering and inter-species organ modification, and he proposes guidelines to help us to test appropriate responses to challenges that may yet be laid down.

'Tikanga has emerged as a new area of study, as a field of great opportunities for research and as a body of knowledge that needs to be taught in our schools. It is a set of protocols and a basket of knowledge that our leaders and educators need to know in order to be more effective in what they do. It is knowledge that our people need to understand, discuss, debate and pass on to others. There is every indication that tikanga Maori will become more important in the years to come rather than the reverse. It has come out of hiding and is now in the bright light of day.'

'Tikanga Māori is a book that's arrived at a time when guidance is needed for all. It reminds those who have grown up on their rural home marae of the tikanga – those practices which are often done without a second thought of why or what for. It also provides guidance for the generations growing up in an urban environment. And furthermore, it provides a template of comparison for those who are teaching and researching the culture of our ancestors.' Professor Tamati Reedy

Areas discussed include: social structures and groupings, the tapu-noa principle, protocol of the marae, welcome ceremonies, mourning ceremonies, tikanga of settlement and ritual confiscation, gift-giving etiquette, relationships between identity and land, tikanga of karakia, childbirth, guidelines for proper behaviour, knowledge acquisition and retention, wellbeing, creativity and performance, and protocol for places we live and work.

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Category: Culture | Contemporary culture | Academic | E-Books

ISBN: 1877283886
Dimensions: 150 x 230mm
Pages: 408
Format: softcover
Language: English
Publication Date: Dec 2003

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