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Ngarimu: Te Tohu Toa

by Huia Publishers

This graphic novel in te reo Māori is the story of how Second Lieutenant Te Moana-nuia-Kiwa Ngarimu of 28 Māori Battalion won the VC during the Second World War.

On 26 March 1943, two weeks before his 24th birthday, Ngarimu led an attack on Point 209, a vital hill at Tebaga Gap in Tunisia. Under intense mortar and machine gun-fire, he led the assault up the hill, personally destroying two German machine-gun posts on a crest of the hill. Despite being wounded twice during the night, he and his men defended their position from several counter-attacks.

The following morning during a particularly strong counter-attack, Ngarimu was killed. Later the same day, the Germans still on Point 209 surrendered.

An easy-to-read, accessible story and history, in Māori and English editions, with illustrations and maps telling the story along with the text makes it ideal for all boys 10+, especially those who have difficulty engaging with reading. 

This is the Māori language edition of Victory at Point 209.

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Category: Childrens | Contemporary culture | History | Non-Fiction | Maori Language Learner | Maori Language | Graphic Novel

ISBN: 9781775500087
Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm
Pages: 40
Format: softcover
Language: Maori
Publication Date: June 2012

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