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by Albert Wendt

Albert Wendt’s new collection of short stories explores the nature of family, tradition and culture through the eyes of those seemingly caught between the realities of modern contemporary life and the ancestral ties of their heritage. With a deft touch, he draws us into his characters’ lives and with equal parts wisdom and wit, he exposes them to us. This is a masterful meditation on the ties that bind people together across time and place.

The unpublished manuscript of Ancestry was overall winner of the University of the South Pacific Press Literature Prize in 2011.

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Listener Article on Albert Wendt, 29 Sep, 2012



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Category: Culture | Gift | Fiction | Pacific Literature | E-Books

ISBN: 9781775500377
Dimensions: 140 x 210mm
Pages: 314
Format: softcover
Language: English
Publication Date: September 2012

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