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Huia Histories of Maori: Nga Tahuhu Korero

by Danny Keenan

This comprehensive history of Aotearoa New Zealand written entirely from Māori viewpoints using Māori customary structures takes a fresh look at what Māori history is and how it is different from that formerly portrayed. As a post-colonial history, it provides a range of fresh views on events in the past.

Written by sixteen Māori scholars, all specialists in their fields, the book covers histories of descent, the land, people, and autonomy and includes writing on customary law, ancestral law, the natural world, Māori urban protest, customary language, health, politics and cultural expression. The book is richly illustrated with over 100 photographs.

The book will be of particular interest to historians, tertiary-level students of history, politics, and Māori studies, and readers of New Zealand history.

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Category: History | Non-Fiction | Gift | Academic

ISBN: 9781775500094
Dimensions: 183mm x 240mm
Pages: 350
Format: hardcover/softcover
Language: English
Publication Date: June 2012

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