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Wiremu Tamihana

by Evelyn Stokes

“This is a history, taken from his own words, of one of New Zealand’s most important Māori leaders.

It is the most complete collection of sources and commentary surrounding the life of Wiremu Tamihana Te Waharoa Tarapipipi, rangatira of the Ngāti Haua iwi, commonly referred to as ‘The Kingmaker’ for his role in the institution of the Māori King Movement.

Wiremu Tamihana Tarapipipi stood at the interface of nineteenth-century encounter, culture contact and conflict between Māori and Pākehā in New Zealand. He was a peacemaker, but he was labelled a rebel, and his influence was systematically undermined by government agency. His vision is still valid: that of a Māori society in control of its own destiny, under a system of Māori law, working in partnership with Pākehā law, and participating in the benefits of Pākehā settlement.

The author, Evelyn Stokes, a professor of geography and a knighted member of the Waitangi Tribunal, undertook the work with the blessing and acceptance of Ngāti Haua, for whom she preserves the words of Wiremu Tamihana Tarapipipi without prejudice.”

Category: Biography | History

ISBN: 1877266922
Dimensions: 152 x 210 mm
Pages: 544
Format: softcover
Language: English and Maori
Publication Date: Oct 2002

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