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Dr McCarthy - RELAX

Dr Pat McCarthy would like to introduce you to his new technique using deep relaxation to prevent anxiety and panic attacks.

Dr Pat McCarthyDr McCarthy is New Zealand's only doctor using medical hypnosis as part of his practice and he has developed an innovative method deep relaxation techniques to treat a range of conditions including anxiety and panic attacks, fears and phobias and unwanted habits. 

Having treated thousands of people over the last 15 years from his consulting rooms in Wellington, Dr McCarthy has finally put his method into print with the release of two new books – ‘Relax – Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Panic’ and ‘Quit – Say Goodbye to Smoking’.

The method Dr McCarthy has developed broadens the usual range of tools that doctors use to help with anxiety. 

'Most methods of treating anxiety and panic attacks include medication and/or behavioural therapy and occasionally in my practice I need to use those methods,’ says Dr McCarthy.  ‘However I am not a fan of using medication if other methods are available and are as effective and I have found that in many cases, this three-step process using self-hypnosis provides relief to most of the people that visit me.'

The books with their accompanying CDs are intended to provide a safe and simple method to eliminate anxiety or unwanted habits such as smoking, using safe self-hypnosis that is easy to learn.

Relax Cover'Normally I have three or four sessions with patients that visit my office. The book represents the introductory session I have with the patient and outlines my understanding of the causes, the mechanisms and the ways to address and deal with anxiety and panic. The audio CD contains the three treatment sessions that follow.'

While the success rate for eliminating anxiety through consultation sessions is around 80%, the success rate for stopping smoking is a bit lower. 

'The success rate with smokers for my therapy sessions is around 65% which still rates better than nicotine replacement at 22% and goes to show the power of the mind and imagination over physical cravings' says Dr McCarthy.

The value of these books and the accompanying CDs means this self-hypnosis treatment is available at a fraction of the cost of personal consultations and is now available to a much wider audience.

Dr McCarthy M.B. Ch.B. was born, educated and trained in Glasgow, Scotland. He spent 4 years training to be a GP and then spent a further 2 years in a mission hospital in Mzuzu, Malawi.  He emigrated to NZ in 1986 and worked as a cancer doctor, then as a GP in Waikanae before opening NZ's only medical hypnosis practice in Wellington in 1996.

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