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About Us

HUIA is an award-winning independent New Zealand book publisher producing wonderful and provocative books with a uniquely New Zealand or Pacific perspective.

For over 20 years, HUIA Publishers has been committed to producing quality books, describing the diverse range of Māori perspectives - telling stories that no one else is telling, saying things that are not being said. HUIA is one of the leading publishers in producing books for learning Māori, in 2006 HUIA published the first Māori monolingual dictionary.

Our books are internationally sought after by those interested in Māori history and Māori people, the indigenous people of New Zealand. Our books also give an insight into the lives of Pacific Islanders living in New Zealand and the Pacific, through stories written by Pacific Island authors.

Our non-fiction is of interest to academics, students, policymakers and critical thinkers while our fiction appeals to anyone interested in reading a good book. Our gift books make excellent presents for those wanting an indigenous touch.


HUIA 21st Documentary

2012 was the 21st birthday of HUIA Publishers and this documentary illustrates the history of HUIA Publishers and how Robyn and Brian Bargh grew from small beginnings in 1991 to become an important and well-regarded publisher for Māori in the New Zealand publishing industry today.

View the documentary.


HUIA Publishers

Core to HUIA Publishers' work is our commitment to providing a platform for Māori perspectives. HUIA Publishers produce and distribute books nationally and internationally. We also publish international co-editions and sell English language, translation and film rights. HUIA books include:

  • Novels and short fiction collections
  • Play scripts
  • Histories and biographies
  • Political commentary
  • Lifestyle and gift books
  • Children's picture books in English and Māori


Huia Education

Core to HUIA Education's work is our commitment to the revitalisation of the Māori language. HUIA Education produces quality resources in Māori language for Māori medium schools from early childhood to secondary level in the areas of:

  • Te Reo Māori - Reading and literacy
  • Putaiao - Science
  • Hangarau - Technology
  • Tikanga-a-Iwi - Social Studies.

We work with teachers, subject specialists and language experts to develop quality resources. With over 600 schools in Aotearoa teaching all or some of the curriculum in Māori language, it is essential that the quality of the language and the information in the resources meets the needs of teachers and students.


The Company

HUIA (NZ) Ltd was established in 1991 by Robyn and Brian Bargh and is based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Since April 2014, HUIA is now owned and managed by Brian Morris and Eboni Waitere and employs about 25 staff.

Read more about Brian Morris and Eboni Waitere.

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