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Learn Maori with HUIA

HUIA has an exciting range of Māori educational resources for all learners of Māori for all ages.

Vocabulary Extenders 

First Hundred Words in Maori

A companion to 2006's First Thousand Words in Māori, this book is a must have for all New Zealand households. Big, brightly-coloured pictures engage young learners and are accompanied by clear illustrations, with the Māori word underneath. This encourages the direct association of the word with the object, making it easy to learn and reinforce meanings.

There is also a guide to pronunciation and counting.First_Thousand_Words_In_Maori_230.jpg


First Thousand Words in Maori

This bright and entertaining book provides a wealth of vocabulary-building opportunities for beginner learners of Māori. Stephen Cartwright's delightful pictures encourage direct association of the Māori word with the object, which will assist towards effective, long-term learning.

At the end of the book there is an alphabetical Māori/English list of all the words in the book.




Te Kete KupuTe_Kete_Kupu_300_Words_230.jpg: 300 Essential Words in Maori

Did you know that in Māori about 300 words make up three-quarters of the words we use?

This book will enable you to:

  • learn the Māori alphabet
  • read 300 words in Māori
  • use the words in sentences
  • have fun finding words.

Te Kete Kupu is a fun way to learn basic Māori, especially for young readers.





Everyday Words in Maori Everyday_Words_In_Maori_230.jpg

This bright and entertaining book is a stimulating and lively word finder for all learners of Māori.

Wonderfully detailed miniature model characters and objects provide interest in this picture word book. It's designed for Māori-speaking children and those studying Māori as a second language to provide a quick and enjoyable way to enrich learners' vocabulary.

There are a number of hidden objects to find in every big scene. There is an alphabetical Māori–English list of all the words in the book, and the dictionary includes over 500 words and an easy-to-use pronunciation guide.

This is an ideal Māori language book that will help learners of all ages to improve their language skills.



Tirohia Kimihia: A Maori Learner Dictionary Tirohia_Kimihia_Dictionary_230.jpg

Teachers can use Tirohia Kimihia to support literacy and language development for students aged 8–12 years.

Students can use the dictionary to enrich their vocabulary, develop their dictionary and research skills, check spellings and meanings of words or simply take pleasure in exploring words in te reo Māori.