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Huia Services


Creating resources that are innovative, educational and entertaining and all with a Māori perspective – this is the mission of the team at HUIA, New Zealand's award-winning independent publisher.

If your organisation wants to produce leading-edge materials in Māori or English - with a Māori perspective - then we are pleased to offer a range of services that are available as a package or as individual options.

The demand for our professional services is constantly increasing and a growing number of companies are using our expertise to produce a variety of resources.


Project Management

  • HUIA methodology
  • Contract management
  • Project governance

Organisations sometimes need support to manage a project – plan, budget, monitor and report. HUIA has the people, systems and processes to manage a variety of publishing projects, from simple one-off publications to more complex products.


Resource Development

  • Māori focused
  • Educational
  • Entertaining

Our team of resource developers will work with you to produce a concept and plan, advising on creating and delivering leading-edge resources with a Māori perspective that will delight and inspire your audience.


Editorial Services

  • Copy-editing
  • Proof-reading
  • Quality assurance

There is a growing demand for producing annual reports, strategy documents, educational materials and other resources in Māori. Our Editorial team can provide editorial advice - ensuring a consistent style in Māori and English.



  • Design management
  • Print production

Some organisations simply want their ideas on paper. The HUIA Production team has the experience and the networks to provide innovative and pragmatic design and print solutions.


Marketing and Distribution

  • Marketing plans
  • Distribution networks
  • Sales channels – retail, direct, website

Our sales and marketing team has the expertise to market and distribute your finished product, drawing on our networks that have been established in over twenty years of business.

For more information, download the Services PDF (67KB)