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Manuscript submissions

Huia Publishers welcomes unsolicited manuscripts.

HUIA welcomes manuscripts from writers in most genres. We are interested in publishing books that describe Māori and Pacific experiences, stories and aspirations in Aotearoa New Zealand. These include:

  • novels and fiction collections
  • play scripts
  • histories and biographies
  • political commentary
  • lifestyle and gift books
  • children's picture books in English and Māori.

Unfortunately, individual short stories and poetry from unpublished authors are not accepted.  Short Stories should be sent to the Pikihuia Short Story Awards that are held every two years.

If you wish to submit a manuscript, please download and complete the HUIA Manuscript Submission Form and send the completed form, together with your manuscript, by post. 

Download >>> HUIA Manuscript Submission Form 

It is not necessary to bring the submission to the HUIA office in person as we need time to read and consider it.  Please send a synopsis of your proposed book with three sample chapters to:

Huia Publishers
P O Box 12-280

Thorndon 6144

Please send a copy of your manuscript in hard copy, single sided and double spaced. Always keep the original copy in a safe place as we cannot be responsible for any loss of material.  Also, please send an electronic copy of your manuscript as an Adobe pdf document to

We will send an acknowledgement of receipt of your manuscript. The assessment process for manuscripts may take up to three months.

Only manuscripts with a self-addressed envelope and sufficient postage to cover the return postage costs will be returned.

If your manuscript is rejected, you will receive a formal letter or an email. The letter will not be a detailed assessment as we receive so many manuscripts it is not possible to give critical commentary on them all.

If your manuscript is accepted, you will be informed and sent a draft contract. At this stage you will also be informed about the editorial and production process and the timeframe.

For all manuscript related enquiries, please contact Manuscripts.


The New Zealand Society of Authors 

The New Zealand Society of Authors is now offering one Māori language appraisal each year. For information on the full appraisal service run by NZSA, please see the links below.

Manuscript Appraisal Service New Category for a Manuscript with Significant Maori Content – contact New Zealand Society of Authors.

Manuscript Appraisal Service Information for Writers

Appraisal Service Application Form